How Facebook Can Help Maximize Macy’s Shopping Values

Macy’s is one of America’s most respected stores and is known for its quality merchandise. The store is also popular because it provides a variety of ways for customers to save money. Shoppers with store credit cards enjoy special discounts, online accounts add more savings, and Internet coupons increase values further. In addition, savvy shoppers can now visit Facebook to locate a Macy’s coupon and a variety of other bargains.

Coupon Sites + Facebook = Bargains

Thousands of frugal customers have discovered that online coupons allow them to whittle down store prices. Websites like list the most recent savings opportunities and can be used in stores or online. They often maximize bargains and make shopping convenient by listing all the latest values on a single Facebook page. Before heading out on a shopping trip, a customer can quickly browse and locate deals. Most coupons can be printed and presented in stores or redeemed during online purchases. Typical examples of Macy’s specials include:


One-day, Saturday only, 20% off coupon

20%-off sale on clearance items for the entire family

30% off of clearance jewelry

25% off of women’s sandals

40-60% off plus-sized robes and pajama

Free shipping on a $50+ beauty item order

Facebook Coupons Can Be Auto-Delivered

One of the greatest advantages of using Facebook to find savings is that many pages will auto-deliver bargains. For instance, customers can simply “like” a Macy’s promo code and coupon page in order to have bargains appear on their own timelines. Many retailers offer this option, making it easy for customers to identify many deals in one location. The auto-deliver option allows them to take advantage of timely savings before they are gone.

Internet Coupons Maximize Savings

True bargain shoppers often maximize savings by combining online coupons with other discounts. For instance, customers who shop during a Macy’s sale may enjoy a special discount if they also have a store credit card and an online account. When an Internet free shipping coupon is added, the savings can be substantial. Those using sites such as often average $21.00 every time they shop.

Bargain hunters who enjoy quality merchandise often shop at Macy’s when they want added value. That is because Macy’s offers special discounts to customers with store credit cards and also runs many special sales. Customers can increase savings further by using online coupons.


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